Annual Protection Plan

We've put together a protection plan that will provide you with the yearly coverage you need and allow you to utilize us as a trusted relationship for all things construction. With our protection plan, you can feel secure knowing that your property is warranted.

You'll receive the following benefits:

An On-Call Helpful Handyman

Your protection plan includes 4 hours of on-call professional handyman service per year. These 4 hours of service can be applied to anything from plumbing to construction to roofing—we've got you covered. Please note that any parts ordered or labor over 4 hours long will be an additional quoted cost per project.


Proactive Inspections

Your protection plan includes routine property inspections. If there's a storm, we make it a priority to be sure that our protection plan holders are in good condition. If there happens to be extensive damage, we'll provide you with a quote in advance of performing additional work or ordering materials.


Labor Discount

Should you utilize your on-call helpful handyman for over 4 hours a month, we'll still provide labor at a discounted price for protection plan holders.


Roofing Service Discount

We offer up to a $1,000 discount should you ever need to use us as your roofing supplier—actual discount value based on project percentage.



GBR Construction Group L.L.C. is happy to offer you this premium protection plan for only $240 a year. This way, you can be assured that when it comes to handyman service, you're covered at all times.