Who Is GBR?

GBR was created out of a desire and a mission to help people. In this industry, we have seen so many companies take advantage of home and business owners—fabricating damage to gain more business, mistreating employees, or perpetuating dishonest business practices with clients. We set out to create a roofing and construction company that truly values helping people and holds itself to the highest standard—ethically and professionally. With GBR, you can feel secure in knowing that you are working with an honest group of experts who will generate a finished product that you can be proud of.

Leon Reyes | Founder & Owner

Leon Reyes has over 15 years of experience in roofing, construction, and general contracting. He's done everything from the manual labor of roofing work, to roofing sales, to business management, to marketing, and more. He has been fortunate to be able to surround himself with a team of individuals with even more industry experience than he has! Combined, his entire team has decades of knowledge of the roofing and construction industries and is able to confidently tackle any project that comes their way. Leon has tremendously high standards for his work, which he always stands behind and you can be sure that any project that is given his stamp of approval will last for years to come. Not every project goes perfectly, but you can bet that Leon won't stop until it is right.

Our Story

When Leon Reyes started this company, it began with the vision of being the best roofing company in DFW. The goal was always to provide ethical work of the highest quality, go above and beyond for every project, and knock the socks off of every client. Faith and giving back have been foundational values in our company from the start. We began as God Built Roofs, but our territory would quickly expand to include much more than just roofing projects. As more construction and contracting projects began to pour in, we found ourselves outgrowing our name faster than expected. We then became GBR Construction Group L.L.C.—roofing and construction experts. Since our inception, we have always upheld our foundational values and set out to help people by providing honest and superior work.